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뷰티 뉴스
Some people say that PMU artists are painters who can create a pleasing picture on every woman's eyebrows.   Some people say that PMU artists are magicians who can change a person's charm and confidence through the finishing touch;   Others say that PMU artists are diplomats who can transfer and connect the beauty of different countries, races, and skin colors to achieve a global supreme aesthetic alliance mechanism.  PMU artists, a master of "short time, long effect" super makeup techniques;PMU artists, a master who interprets beautiful temperament and spreads delicate pattern of facial features with action;   PMU artists, a group of artists who use eyebrows, eyes and lips to draw the charm of the soul.   In this group of artists, there is a woman who adheres to the spirit of craftsman - she is the internationally famous PMU artists master Zhang Yilin.

In her eyes aesthetics is a kind of art, she always according to each person's face shape, facial features, 'three Ting five eyes' and temperament, to customize her personal makeup for everyone, show her unique beauty, so that her facial features become exquisite and beautiful.   Therefore, her works will naturally attract wide attention, and at the same time, Dean Zhang Yilin won more people's respect and love.   It all stems from her love of aesthetics and her obsessive pursuit of art.

In the palace of PMU art, Dean Zhang Yilin did not hide his technology and ability, but chose to teach this technology, so that more students can learn PMU this technology, so that more students can use aesthetic technology and concept to create more value for customers.   Engaged in training work for more than ten years, she never gives up any students, but wholeheartedly helps each student to overcome technical problems and improve constantly, so that they can get better exercise and make their skills more exquisite.   Her students all over the world, her students have won many domestic and foreign aesthetic awards, her students with professional aesthetic concepts and superb practical skills to win the praise of customers.

She has nurtured countless outstanding PMU artists for the PMU industry at home and abroad, and has also made great contributions to the standard and standardized operation of this industry.   Her professional skills teaching materials and management training materials have become the benchmark and leader of the industry;   Her speeches and training have inspired countless beauty practitioners to break through technical barriers and become industry experts;   Her great love and mission have influenced more women and families, evoking the beauty of their hearts, the beauty of harmony, and the beauty of life, giving Chinese aesthetics a new mission and meaning.

Dean Zhang Yilin said: "As an advocate of beauty and a communicator, we hope that every craftsman has a high degree of self-discipline and constantly make progress!"  Do not forget the original intention, to achieve the goal!  PMU practitioners break through all kinds of constraints, have the courage to try and challenge, are optimistic, and walk the world with great love!"